Media Coverage

There is a severe lack of media coverage concerning the gender based violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In fact, the mass media seems to have little to no interest in any of the violence in the Congo. Whether it is because of cultural differences or not having an apparent financial effect on the United States, the media has ignored it and as a result people are unaware of the horrors in the DRC. But with a little searching, much can be found on youtube and world organizations such as the United Nations. Though there is little coverage, there are people making a difference for the victims and trying to raise awareness of the violence. Human Rights First has a youtube channel that highlights human rights issues around the globe; they have produced many videos like the one below that highlights the work of Dr. Denis Mukwege, who is a strong voice in the effort to draw global attention to the violence and rape epidemic in the Congo.

The United Nations has videos with coverage such as this one which is rather short.

Though these large organizations have posted videos, they have a rather low number of views. With the search title “gender violence in the congo”, the UN video has the most views with but has only received 13,000 views in 4 years. If one searches “Rape in the congo”, videos with many more views are found. The amount of views on the below video by RCK London has nearly 3 million views but those are world wide.

Though there are many videos and articles by world organizations, articles such as this one from Fox News are few and far between, receive very few views and are very short. Since most Americans get their news from major media such as Fox, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC and newspapers who rarely and inadequately cover the violence in the Congo, the majority of people will never know of the horrors being committed on the other side of the world and as a result, the government will not be pressured to give assistance.

This last video is an eye opening documentary that was run in the UK on major networks, but from my research was never run in the United States.

~Contributed by Dallas S

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